Avijit Yadav, CMD, CSM, CLS, CDP, CRX

Avijit Yadav

Anything is possible at GLA; I started off in marketing, was soon managing 360 MALL, then contributing to operations at our other malls, participating in retail advisory for new projects across various shopping center formats and now oversee operations of our company.

I work with some truly interesting people from 22 countries who strive every day to deliver the finest customer experience at our malls. It’s not easy, but its great fun and quite addicting. Engagement is high, an open atmosphere prevails and people are driven.

I am responsible for managing operations of our assets to increase their value, giving direction to our teams, developing their potential, delivering customer experience, deploying capital judiciously and in the process ensuring we meet our annual financial objectives. It’s quite exciting!

Team member since:May 2009

Education:Bachelors in Economics, University of Delhi, India, Masters Diploma in Management, NPC, India